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                                            Hessle Rambling Club Walks

                                                                                              2020-2021 season 

                                                                   North Dalton -- Huggate walks  --  17 October 2021                                                                           


Walk A  8 miles-- Starts from North Dalton village heading West before turning North, passing Tithe Top farm, then crossing the Huggate    road and eventually joining a footpath, where it turns East. After a short walk it turns North passing Freshlands farm before joining the Chalkland Way footpath, there it turns West and heads to Shortlands Dale, then Cow Dale and finishing at the Wolds Inn in Huggate.                                                


Walk B 5.8 miles-- Follows same route as walk A for a mile or so, but carries on West crossing the track and onto a footpath near Thirty Acres area, where it turns North to Blanch Farm. Passing the farm the walk heads North to join the Huggate road and follows the Minster Way onto Mill Lane, Huggate and finishes at the Wolds Inn. 


 Updated 22/9/21